Swap Tree

This week were going to do it a little different instead of a download this week it will be a website.  The Swap Tree website is great one if you want to unload those old movies, books, dvds. games, and those cd's and trade them for different items to add to your collections.  This site is simple to use, simple to administer your lists, and simple to mail stuff to complete your trades.  This is a great website for a down turned economy if you want to recycle some unused media or already used media this is the site to use.

From SwapTree : Swaptree makes mailing your item easy by allowing you to print a perfect postage label right from your computer. There's no worrying about stamps, weights, or visits to the post office. On Swaptree you can get the media you want for free, learn about new artists and authors, share your media collection with friends and meet people with similar tastes, all in a safe and green community. Free, fun, safe and green, what's not to love? Click here to visit SwapTree.com


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