K9Web Protection

If you have kids that like to use your computer or theirs to surf the internet and you can't watch them 24/7 than this is the application for you.  Let K9Web Protection be your eyes and ears for you it can pick up foul language, stop websites you don't want your kids to see, and if you share the computer you can use your password to shut off filtering while you surf the net.  If you have kids this is a must have, and the price is right "free".

From K9Web Protection : If you’re like most of us, parenting in the age of the Internet has you facing a new set of challenges. Blue Coat is committed to helping you and all communities through this 'First Generation of Internet Parenting'. K9 Web Protection is a free Internet filtering and control solution for the home. K9 puts YOU in control of the Internet so you can protect your kids.  click the blue arrow below to go to K9Web Filtering



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