Mozilla Firefox
Written by Shawn
Monday, 30 November 2009 09:04

Mozilla Firefox has been around for a while but like a fine wine gets significantly better with age.  I've had quite a few questions about private browsing lately, ok I'll be honest usually it goes something like "how can I keep my wife from catching me browsing adult material".  One of the great features of Firefox is the Private Browsing feature you simply go into tools and select private browsing your browser will close and reopen and your browsing will be kept private on your local computer.

Another great add-on for firefox is speed dial think of it as a visual bookmarking system you can set your browser up to display the sites your frequent most often, to add speed dial simply click tools, than add-ons, than get add-ons, in the search bar put in speed dial and install it.  Restart your browser and your set to go.  Firefox quickly will become your browser of choice, it won't take long. To download Mozilla Firefox click the blue arrow below.

Download SpeedDial


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