OpenVPN lets administrators provide secure remote access to the internal network.  Untangle’s intuitive GUI makes it easier to:

  • Configure basic settings through a setup wizard
  • Generate custom certs for each client
  • Easily distribute client software via email

OpenVPN is one of two solutions Untangle offers to enable secure, remote access to your network. OpenVPN requires a client on each host, meaning a small application must be installed on each computer that is going to require access. 

OpenVPN makes the most sense for persistent site-to-site connections and remote access to non-web (e.g. client/server) applications.

OpenVPN is an SSL-based virtual private network. Supporting a range of platforms, including Windows 2000/XP and higher, Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris, OpenVPN can tackle all of your VPN needs. Powerful security and control features and intuitive set-up make this an ideal solution for your business.


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