Protocol Control

Protocol Control lets administrators take back control of their networks from disruptive port-hopping applications like peer-to-peer applications or online games.  Signature based layer 7 filtering makes it easy for administrators to:

  • Conserve bandwidth by blocking applications like peer-to-peer that open multiple TCP ports
  • Improve productivity by blocking IM & online games that evade firewall rules
  • Write custom signatures for any protocol

Protocol control covers a broad set of applications, such as Instant Messaging, Peer to Peer activity, online games and streaming media, that can clog your network, reduce productivity, and infect computers with spyware, malware, and viruses.

These applications are extremely aggressive and will sneak out on ports used for other vital network traffic such as web and email, making it nearly impossible to control them with firewall rules.

Protocol Control takes a different approach to log and/or block these applications using their signatures. This allows you to lock down the unwanted activity.