Spyware Blocker

Spyware Blocker enables administrators to block spyware at the network gateway before it reaches users desktops.  Zero client installations and an intuitive GUI make it easy for administrators to:

  • Protect users from browsing  websites that install malware 
  • Scan network traffic to block spyware before users can install it
  • Ensure that signatures are always current with automatic updates

The battle with spyware is constant, and its infection is insidious—you may not even know you have it until it’s doing real damage to your network. Weird settings, an abundance of pop-up ads (even when you’re not on the Web), clicking hyperlinks that don’t work and a sluggish system are just a few of the symptoms to look out for.

Stop spyware, adware and malware before it makes it to your network—and find already infected computers with our powerful Spyware Blocker. We use a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including URL blocking, cookie blocking, ActiveX blocking of bad vendors and subnet logging, to protect you from attacks and infections.


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