Data Recovery



Have you lost your files, family photos, email, pst files due to crashed hard drive, damaged CD, bad camera memory? TACS can get your data back!  In the world of computers, nothing is as important as your data. After a data loss, the costs and hassles to recreate the data can be enormous. Re-entering or recreating data can take excessive amounts of time, effort, and money.  Fortunately for you, you've come here where in most cases there is a solution. TACS can restore your crashed hard drive, corrupted files, damaged CD, erased digital camera memory, or dead disk. We process most drives and operating systems. 

TACS is the Northlands leading experts in professional hard drive data recovery, we support and recover data from disk drives of all makes and models.  We can recover anything  from the latest quarter-sized mircodrives to the oldest hard drives. TACS recovery  engineers use the latest technical expertise, methods combined with years of industry experience to produce first-rate results you can count on. So whether you're a home user, an IT professional, you can rest assured that TACS is the Northlands leading knowledgeable source and choice for salvaging your lost data.

We maintain the highest industry success rate and are often able to recover data most of today's "recovery" technicians and shops simply call unrecoverable.


Remote Backups

Try our online data backup service and discover how easy it is to securely backup your computer to an off-site location. The average business has $30,000 worth learn more...

Remote Support

TACS Remote Helpdesk provides support for you or your companies end users.  Our support staff provides telephone, email and remote control support for industry  learn more...